Business Mileage
Business Mileage and Expenses can be claimed through the e-Expenses system.


Business Mileage

E-Expenses is accessed through a web-based portal called Employee Online.  Although employee assignment information is used to create Claimant accounts on e-Expenses, from ESR, e-Expenses and ESR are two separate systems.


To claim Business Mileage and Business Expenses through the system you must first complete a New User form for your e-Expenses account to be set-up.  If, once set up, you require a change to your claim vehicle or to your base address, then you are required to completed a Change of Vehicle or Base form.  A New Approver form is completed by Approving Managers, to give them the access they need to ensure they can approve the claims made by their staff members.


New User Set Up Authorisation Form

Change of Vehicle or Base Form

New Approver Authorisation Form

List of Expense Type

Expenses – FAQs

e-Expenses User Guide

Home to Base Expenses Document

Home to Base Mileage FAQs


Please find below e-Expenses claimants guide in to enable you to claim expenses:


Claimant user guide


Please also see the guidance for Approving Managers.


Manager approval guide.




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