COVID-19 updates from the Lead Employer



Latest National Guidance 


You can keep up to date with the latest national guidance by visiting the Government website


HEE have also set up a dedicated page which has up to date guidance and information for trainees in response to COVID-19 and you can access it by clicking here



FAQs and Guidance


We have collated a list of FAQs based on your queries which you can access below, alongside guidance for high risk groups:


Trainee FAQs


Host Organisation FAQs


Occupational health advice for both employers and pregnant women


Guidance on shielding and protecting staff in high risk groups



Submit Your Query


In order to collate the most up to date queries,  we are asking that you send us any  questions you may have regarding COVID-19 via our online form.





Reporting absence due to self-isolation or COVID-19


Trainee’s should report their absence to their host organisation as normal. In addition, trainees must email with the following details:


Host Organisation:
Reason for absence (self-isolation or sickness absence):
If self-isolating, reason for self-isolation (yourself or household member):
Start date of absence :
End date of absence:


Please take a look at the following document for details on recording absences via ESR.


Key Messages for Host Organisations


Please find below risk assessments which should be carried out by hosts in conjunction with trainees.

Please select the risk assessment which is most relevant to the situation which the trainee finds them self in:


At Risk Assessment – the trainee feels that they are at risk but are not  categorised as being vulnerable themselves.

Vulnerable Trainee Assessment – the trainee has an underlying health condition as defined by PHE and makes them vulnerable in the workplace.

Vulnerable family member Assessment – The trainee themselves are fit and well and have no underlying health conditions however they live with a family member who is classified as vulnerable as defined by PHE  guidance.


Once completed the risk assessment form should be sent to the LE Case Management inbox to be added to the trainees personal record.



 Health, Work and Wellbeing


We understand that it is vital for our colleagues to feel that they have access to the latest support regarding health and wellbeing during this time. Please see below some links you may find useful:


There are also some great apps available to help support your mental health and wellbeing and some are even offering discounted subscriptions for NHS employees:


Headspace: Free Headspace Plus for NHS Workers (3 months subscription) Fill in this google form to gain 3 months access:


Unmind: Free access to mental well-being platform for NHS workers. More info here:


We’ve also provided useful tips for managing everyday life, self-isolating and managing work demands during the COVID-19 outbreak. Click here to read more.


We would also like to share some really useful websites that are continuing to providing up to date guidance and advice on coping with stress during this time.




World Health Organisation