Psychological Support
Our Health, Work and Wellbeing team provide a wide range of confidential face-to-face, online and telephone psychological support services to maintain your wellbeing throughout your training.


Psychological support

Counselling and psychological support

Between 1:3 and 1:4 people of working age suffer from mental ill-health at some stage in their lives, and health care workers are no exception, support services are available to you, via an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) and we have the ability to signpost you to relevant services nationally and locally. These may include support for work issues, but also those related to your home life e.g. bereavement, debt, relationships, addiction etc. For GP trainees there is also a national NHS Service available called “GP Health Service”  or telephone 0300 0303 300.



These services are completely confidential.



As an employer we recognise that:

  • people who have mental health issues may have experienced discrimination in recruitment and selection procedures and that his may discourage them from seeking employment
  • whilst some people will acknowledge their experience of mental health issues in a frank and open way, other fears that the stigma will jeopardise their chances of getting a job
  • given support, the vast majority of people who have experienced mental ill health continue to work successfully as do many with ongoing issues.



As an employer we aim to:

  • show a positive and enabling attitude to employee and job applicants with mental health issues, including positive statements in local recruitment literature
  • ensure that all staff who are involved in recruitment and selection are briefed on mental health issues and The Equality Act 2010 and further given appropriate interview skills.
  • make clear in any recruitment or occupational health checks that people who have experienced mental health issues will not be discriminated against and that disclosure of a mental health problem will enable both employee and employer to assess and provide the right level of support and adjustment
  • not make assumptions that a person with a mental health problem will be more vulnerable to workplace stress or take more time off than other employee or job applicants.
  • provide non-judgemental and proactive support to individual staff who experience mental health issues.
  • ensure all line managers have information and training about managing mental health in the workplace.



Telephone: 0151 290 4070



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