Doctors in training are entitled to claim several different types of expenses. Please see below for further information.



There are several different types of expenses that can be claimed back by Lead Employer trainees. Please see below for definitions, further information on the types of expenses that can be claimed and the processes for doing so can be found by clicking on the links.


Expenses Definitions and Claimant Guidance:


  1. Business Mileage and Expenses – this is through the e-Expenses system and should be used for claiming business mileage or expenses that were incurred during your service provision e.g. if you used your personal car to drive to a patients house for a Home Visit.
  2. Excess Travel and Relocation Expenses(N.B Policy and Forms at the bottom of our Policies page)– Please note that the Lead Employer administer this process on behalf of Health Education England. The owners of this policy are HEE.
  3. Study Leave – Again, the Lead Employer simply administer this process on behalf of Health Education England who are the policy owners for inclusion in your monthly pay. For further information on this, please visit your programme’s relevant HEE website, which can be found here.
  4. Expenses deadlines – Expenses deadlines for all Lead Employer employees, from April 2019 to March 2020.



How-to training guides


We’ve produced a series of new video guides to assist in the use of your E-expenses and E-rota softwares, making sure you get the most out of these systems and that your user experience is as straightforward as possible.


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