Frequently Asked Questions
Pay can be difficult to understand, particularly when you’re a busy doctor in training. Please find some of our most frequently asked questions below.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: When is payday?


A1: You will be paid on the 28th of each month by StHK . Where this falls over the weekend or a bank holiday you will be paid on the working day immediately prior to this i.e. if the 28th  falls on a Sunday you would be paid on Friday 26th.




Q2: How do I access my payslip?


A2: Your payslips are accessible through ESR Self-Service – this will be accessible via a username and password.




Q3: I think my tax code is wrong, should I speak to Lead Employer Payroll Services about this issue?


A3:  No, unfortunately we cannot amend tax codes and therefore you will need to call the HMRC helpline on 0300 200 3300 to get this amended – further contact details can be found at

You may also find it useful to create a Personal Tax Account with the HMRC, further information can be found via Government Gateway or


Q4: Who should I speak to about arranging car parking deductions from my salary whilst I’m on rotation in a hospital trust?


A4: You should speak to your host trusts medical HR/staffing function who will link in with our payroll services to apply any authorised deductions.


Q5: I’m a doctor in training on the new 2016 Terms and Conditions of Service. Is there anywhere I can access more resources on the new pay and conditions related to me?


A5: Yes, there are lots of resources available on the NHS Employers Website for you to have a look at.

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