Pay Dates and Submission Deadlines
In order to ensure your submissions are paid on time, please note the below cut off dates.


Pay Dates and Submission Deadlines



Month              Payroll Service Dates  E -expenses  Pay Day 
April 2021 09-Apr-21 08-Apr-21 28-Apr-21
May 2021 11-May-21 08-May-21 28-May-21
June 2021 09-Jun-21 08-Jun-21 28-Jun-21
July 2021 09-Jul-21 08-Jul-21 28-Jul-21
August 2021 10-Aug-21 08-Aug-21 27-Aug-21
September 2021 09-Sep-21 08-Sep-21 28-Sep-21
October 2021 11-Oct-21 08-Oct-21 28-Oct-21
November 2021 09-Nov-21 08-Nov-21 26-Nov-21
December 2021 09-Dec-21 08-Dec-21 28-Dec-21
January 2022 09-Jan-22 08-Jan-22 28-Jan-22
February 2022 09-Feb-22 08-Feb-22 28-Feb-22
March 2022 09-Mar-22 08-Mar-22 28-Mar-22




The above Payroll and Employment Services deadlines are for all submissions to be processed through the current payroll month.

Submissions include, but are not restricted to;

  • Locums
  • Car parking instructions
  • Reimbursement of travel costs that exceed the three month rule (prior approval by Lead Employment management)
  • Mess fees
  • Pension forms

Requests that are submitted after the dates detailed above will be processed in the following pay period e.g. locum submitted on 5th April 2019 will be paid in May 2019.

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