Supervisor Self-Service (ESR)


We provide advice and systems support for ESR and Supervisor Self-Service for managers.


Supervisor Self Service

Supervisor Self Service provides you as a Clinical Supervisor or Managers with real-time information about your Trainees when you need it.


Managers using Supervisor Self Service can manage a range of employee information; from new starters and staff changes, to absence management and terminations/leavers.


You will also access ESR Supervisor Self Service to get access to your Rotations and Management Information Spreadsheets via the ESR Portal as we have found this to be the slickest way to access information to see which Trainees will be placed with your organisation and to confirm:


  • that all of the Trainees pre-employment checks have been completed (to satisfy CQC purposes)
  • the Trainee’s contractual status (i.e. 2016 / 2016 S14 Sch2) for the purposes of creating a work schedule
  • whether, using the Management Information spreadsheet, there is any management information associated with the Trainee, for example if there are any Reasonable Adjustments required such as a Latex Allergy.


N.B. this will be documented as either ‘yes’ or ‘no’, but the details of the management information will be sent directly to the relevant host organisations Medical Staffing Manager.


For further assistance in how to access and use  ESR Supervisor Self Service, please refer to the following documents:


We are pleased to inform users of ESR that there is a guide available to show you how to access basic reports (such as a current staff list, or simple sickness rates). These reports have been designed to be easy to use and export to Excel, and will be limited to show only the staff currently placed under your hierarchy. There is no limit on how often you can run the reports and this will empower users to get real time information when they need it, instead of sending requests via the ESR Help Desk.


The guide also helps you to navigate around the ESR Portal home page and at the end of the guide there are two handy links to the interactive training modules available.


You can access the guide by clicking here


You can also enable Supervisor Self-Service to work on mobile devices, for further information on this please refer to our Supervisor Self Service Guide


Please see our guidance on Accessing these documents via ESR Portal.


If you have any further queries in relation to ESR  Self Service, please contact:

  University of Liverpool JMU Parliamentary Review Advancing Quality Alliance Speak out safely HSJ

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