Workforce Systems Support FAQs: Supervisor Self-service


Please find some of our most frequently asked questions regarding supervisor self-service below.


Workforce Systems Support FAQs: Supervisor Self-service



The ESR link isn’t working?

The new link to ESR is via the ESR Portal, the previous route is no longer available. Please use


I am using the new link but still ESR is not working?

The newer version may need a different version of Java, refer to your IT department to help if not please contact us in Workforce for assistance.


I’m not seeing the correct trainees?

We need to work to the rotation information that comes from the deaneries but please do let us know as soon as possible if you spot something that isn’t right – we will investigate and correct as soon as we can.


I’ve never been given my log in details?

We have tried to capture everybody that needs supervisor access with the information we had during the transfer, if you need access and haven’t heard from us please contact us so we can assist.


How do I become an approver in e-Expenses?

You can find the set up form on our Shared Services website, by clicking here.


I’ve never used ESR Self Service or e-Expenses before?

You can find some guidance videos on both systems on our shared services website, if you need any further support please contact the team on:


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